Spit, Bite Press located in Portland Maine is a professional fine art print studio. The Press was formed in 2008 by Alison Hildreth and Charlie Hewitt to create artist generated print projects. The Press utilizes the skills of master printer Damir Porobic as well as exceptionally talented groups of graphic artists based in the studio building who offer advice, assistance and critique. The Spit Bite Press is committed to giving artists the facilities and talent to create dynamic artist initiated prints, utilizing a range of mediums, intaglio, dry-point, block and carborundum.

The work of the Spit Bite Press can be found in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The State Department, and the works are represented and in part published by Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York NY, the June Fitzpatrick Gallery, Portland ME, and the Mezzanine Gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.